Monday, 30 April 2012

Comic evolution

             Most recent comic for the comics project. 6 pages. Untitled as yet. My first comic after a break of about 6 months! A huge step forward for my work in every aspect; quality of drawings, pacing, pagelayout and narrative. The work will be risograph printed in the anthology we are making for the work made on the project, I'm also going to print it on it's own to sell, I've just got to make a cover and think of a title.

Summer Comics- a collection of short stories, a mix of fictitious and autobiographical narratives, mix of mark making and textures. The subject matter is much more tuned towards reality, which I think has occurred as I've techniquely improved and found it to be a more suitable direction.  
In summer comics I noticed a definite step forward within my drawings. My line work is much more defined and appropriate for the size of the page. My figures and expressions are more natural and realistic. I'm excited by the idea of having multipule stories within one book and possibly including the work of others too.

 'The One-Stop Redwood Shop'- A new set of characters, but continuing the light, silly mood. A story inspired working at a convience shop and dealing with things like regulars, bosses and tedious jobs. These themes were touched on in the story, but within a surreal setting, fantasy setting. I enjoyed this balance as I'm excited by stories that combine themes of reality and fantasy. I found that within this issue my panelled improved in terms of the size in relation to the page. I still find the pacing to be slightly too fast though. 

'Wiley Comics- Issue Two'- Another Wiley adventure, this time with a friend! This issue was step forward in terms of the depth of the drawings and the storytelling. I found that using a grey wash added a softness and depth to the pages. The story for this issue is much more fun then the previous, I prefer them to be adventures! I think my drawings of expressions are generally better too.
'Wiley Comics-Issue One'- Second inked comic book. At the time I was obsessed with Richard Linklater's movie 'Dazed and Confused', it's relaxed character based storyline is something I feel very connected with. So I thought I'd make some comics that were based around the actor of one of the main characters, Wiley Wiggins. It's equally light and silly as my previous comics, but I find the pacing to be much too fast. My line work has definitely improved here, being a much better width for the page size.

'Eightball Comics'- Badly named, I'd realised soon after that Daniel Clowes had beaten me to it. This was my first inked comic book, also new characters. I don't feel like I moved on a huge amount as I was working in a new medium, but I'd definitely learnt as I made it. The subject matter is more realistic then 'Skipper and Morris' and set in present time.

'Skipper and Morris Adventures- Issue two'- Similarly light as issue one, Issue two was a continuation of they're adventures. The main change I'd noticed was the darkening of the lines and tone, probably due to the confidence I'd gained. The length seemed to be a lot more suitable too, as I found the first issue to be slightly rambling.

'Skipper and Morris- Issue One'- The first step into the vast world of comics. It was an unplanned narrative, and mostly just a chance for me to experiment with the medium. The mood is incredibly light and playful, which at the time was the most natural way for me to approach it. It was an amalgamation of everything I loved and was inspired by within story telling. I was aiming to make something that I would be excited to read. Throughout the comic I can see how I improved and adjusted within the new format, in terms of the drawings, page layout and pacing.   

Favourite established comic book artists