Sunday, 6 May 2012

Comics project

The comics project was tremendous fun and great opportunity to spend more time working within one of my favourite mediums.

Fact Project- native american ceramics

Next was a project with a different approach. The fact project was asking us to take a more objective and rational approach towards the content. This definitely effected my image making, causing me to take on a more observational approach, being true to the facts that I was interested in. I found it challenging to create a project based on research as a lot of my work is about the creation of a mood, with emotional themes. But as long as I stayed engaged within the subject I just wanted to know more. My drawing styles for the ceramics and the environment became quite different as I found where the techniques were relevant. It was really interesting to see how they combined and how my drawing style could stretch for the brief. Something else I took from this project was how to present my research within my sketchbooks, I tryed to make them into engaging information objects in themselves, for practise purposes mainly.

Publish Project

The main part of the publish project was to create a vocabulary book of drawings from a chosen list- some recognisable objects, some more abstract. We were asked to represent them through different attributes, in order to explore how to communicate this through an object. The colour choice was limited to two, at opposite ends of the spectrum, and black. It was a really good opportunity to expand my visual language, as I find with out this, it's easy for representations to become repetitious and unnatural. Especially with the challenge of only using two colours and black, I was considering how to use them much more carefully in order to communicate in the correct way. The workshops were very useful too, in terms of ways of approaching image making and broadening skills, aways useful!

First project of the year- Fiction- 'The Colour Out of Space'.

The Fiction project was a classic illustration project; to make illustrations of a Penguin Mini Modern Classic short story. The foundation of the project was a collection of observational drawings from over the summer, for us to be able to reference when making. I learnt a huge amount about handling the content of the narrative with in this project, which was something that I knew needed more practise.  Before, when making work the main focus was on the quality of the drawing, and the communication would be considered second. I was taking everything I'd learnt in the first year about drawing technique and how you can direct this towards effective communication, and applied it to the telling of my story. I was incredibly inspired by the writing and felt I had to try and stay as close to it as possible to create an honest depiction. Even though I didn't make very many finished pieces within this project, I felt like my approach to storytelling is more analytical when considering what is relevant for the brief.