Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fact Project- native american ceramics

Next was a project with a different approach. The fact project was asking us to take a more objective and rational approach towards the content. This definitely effected my image making, causing me to take on a more observational approach, being true to the facts that I was interested in. I found it challenging to create a project based on research as a lot of my work is about the creation of a mood, with emotional themes. But as long as I stayed engaged within the subject I just wanted to know more. My drawing styles for the ceramics and the environment became quite different as I found where the techniques were relevant. It was really interesting to see how they combined and how my drawing style could stretch for the brief. Something else I took from this project was how to present my research within my sketchbooks, I tryed to make them into engaging information objects in themselves, for practise purposes mainly.

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