Sunday, 6 May 2012

First project of the year- Fiction- 'The Colour Out of Space'.

The Fiction project was a classic illustration project; to make illustrations of a Penguin Mini Modern Classic short story. The foundation of the project was a collection of observational drawings from over the summer, for us to be able to reference when making. I learnt a huge amount about handling the content of the narrative with in this project, which was something that I knew needed more practise.  Before, when making work the main focus was on the quality of the drawing, and the communication would be considered second. I was taking everything I'd learnt in the first year about drawing technique and how you can direct this towards effective communication, and applied it to the telling of my story. I was incredibly inspired by the writing and felt I had to try and stay as close to it as possible to create an honest depiction. Even though I didn't make very many finished pieces within this project, I felt like my approach to storytelling is more analytical when considering what is relevant for the brief.   

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